Anonymous Tip Line

(ALWAYS call 911 in the event of an emergency or any urgent situation)

While Drug Free Dickson Coalition is not a law enforcement agency, it functions as a liaison between

the community and law enforcement. It is its duty to inform and educate the community on the

services available to them, thus fulfilling a vital need in the community.

We accept 100% anonymous tips via website. However, if this is an urgent matter, do not report

here alone. Always dial 911 in the case of an emergency.

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Among underage drinkers (ages 12-20), 30.8% paid for the alcohol the last time they drank – including 8.3% who purchased the alcohol themselves and 22.3% who gave money to someone else to purchase it. It is illegal to purchase alcohol for anyone who is underage.

Among those who did not pay for the alcohol they drank, 37.4% got it from an unrelated person of legal drinking age; 21.1% received it from a parent, guardian, or other adult family member.

Your assistance in reporting the sale of alcohol to underage drinkers helps improve the quality of life of our community. The life you save may be your own and the life of some child. If you see the sale of alcohol to underage youths aged 20 and younger should be reported. You can also provide anonymous tips about suspect illegal activities involving tobacco and prescription drugs.